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Louise Franklin Balloon Dance | See Video Showreel
Louise Franklin - Goal! 2005 Louise Franklin - Is Harry on the Boat? 2002 Louise Franklin - Interview with a Hitman 2012 Louise Franklin - The Owner 2012
Louise Franklin
Location: Newcastle/London/Marbella/Lisbon
Height: 5'5" (165cm)
Weight: 8st. (51kg)
Playing Age: 35 - 45 years
Unions: Equity
Role Types: Mediterranean, White
Eye Colour: Hazel
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Hair Length: Long
Voice Character: Natural
Voice Quality: Warm



2012 Film, THE OWNER, International Film. Bonnie, sadistic gangster. UK Director Craig Lines and 24 international directors. Collabfeature, Detroit
2012 Film, INTERVIEW WITH A HITMAN. Roxy, call girl. Director Perry Bhandal. Scanner Rhodes Kirlian Pictures
2011 Television, Tracy Beaker Returns: Series 3: Slow Burn, BBC, View episode
2009 Television, Donna (principal character), IS HARRY ON THE BOAT?, Sky 3, Various directors. Planet Rapido for Sky One
2007 Television, Laura Ryder, Casualty, BBC, Craig Lines
2006 Commercial, Presenter, Homes Bought Today, Superkrush Productions, Chris Tate
2005 Film, Girl in Bar Scenes, Goal, Danny Cannon
2005 Film, Drunk Girl (speaking scenes), GOAL!, Goal Productions Ltd, Danny Cannon
2002 Television, Donna Harrison - Holiday Rep. (Lead), Is Harry On The Boat, Planet Rapido for Sky One
2001 Film, Nurse Shipman, The One And Only, Assassin Films
2001 Television, Presenter of Popular Teenage Channel, Trouble TV, Sky TV, Various directors
2000 Stage, Scout - South American psycho, Ben Elton's Popcorn, Wimbledon Theatre / Newpalm Productions, John Newman
2000 Television, Katie Morley (in Sexual Harrasment Court Case), Close and True, Meridian Broadcasting / ITV, Cristoph Rohl
1999 Stage, Play Reading Evening hosted by North East talent, Live Theatre, Newcastle, Max Roberts
1998 Stage, Jackie, Get Out Of That Then, Live Theatre, Paul James
1998 Television, Julie, Grafters, Coastal Productions / ITV, David Richards
1997 Television, Holly, Byker Grove, Zenith North, Matthew Robinson
1996 Television, Games Show Hostess alongside Ant & Dec, The Big Breakfast, Channel 4 Television
1996 Television, Various Roles / American Schoolgirl, The Fast Show, BBC Television, Paul Whitehouse
Commercial Presenter, Homes Bought Today, Superkrush Productions, Chris Tate


Accents & Dialects:
(* = native)
American-Midwest, American-Southern States, Cockney, Essex, Geordie*, Italian, Latin American, London, Manchester, Northern, RP, Spanish, Yorkshire, Liverpudlian
(* = mother tongue)
English*, French
(* = highly skilled)
Piano and Drums
Performance: TV Presenting
(* = highly skilled)
Advanced personal fitness trainer*
Vehicle Licences: Car Driving Licence
Additional Skills: Interpersonal and Communication Skills


OK! Magazine

Sky One's outrageous comedy drama about holiday reps in Ibiza is not for the fainthearted. Is Harry on the Boat? has been described as Footballers' Wives meets Ibiza Uncovered with it's mix of high jinx and saucy moments in the Ibiza sunshine raising more than a few eyebrows. However, younger viewers and Ibiza clubbers love the day to day (and, of course, the naughty night-time) goings-on of the fictitious holiday company Young Free and Single. PVC nurse's uniforms, hedonistic drinking games and randy antics are all part and parcel of the job for the reps.

Louise Frankiln (Donna)

Do you think you could hack it as a holiday rep?

No way, absolutely no way! I couldn't deal with all the idiots and play those silly games every day. You'd have to pay me to go on an 18-30 holiday; they're so not me.

Did the cast and crew do a lot of partying off screen?

Even though it was hard work, there was a nice holiday vibe. There were 200 people on shoot and the atmosphere was amazing. We did a lot of partying, but I'm very conscientious so I didn't go out late if I had an early start the next day.

What was your most memorable scene?

I'll never forget one scene with Lorna where we had to have a mud fight. Afterwards, we were just 2 pairs of eyes peering through the mud - you couldn't tell us apart!

How do your parents feel about you doing love scenes?

I watched one of my love scenes with my parents, which was a bit of a cringer! I wanted to record the episode and let them watch it without me being there. Only my face was in the shot, but I had to do a sex face, which was so embarrassing. I couldn't turn to look at my parents when we watched it.

You're a Geordie and so is your character, Donna. Are there any more similarities?

My character is described as a loudmouth, sex-mad Geordie and I'm not like that at all. I toned her down because I didn't want her to be a stereotypical loudmouth Geordie. I feel I'm representing my home town, so I made her a bit classy and more of a lady.

Any romances on the shoot?

Unfortunately not. There were 200 people out there but none of them took my fancy, which was a bit of a downer. I'm on the prowl.

Daily Mirror

Drinking games, wall-to-wall kinky sex, nights out dressed in drag, PVC nurse's uniforms, drugs, firemen in rubber - they're all just part of everyday life in the raunchy new comedy drama Is Harry On The Boat? The Sky One series follows the sexpliots of a group of holiday reps working on the sun-soaked party island of Ibiza where hedonism rules. The reps work for the holiday company Young Free And Single and get up to no good with the holidaymakers, flashing plenty of boobs and bums in the process. "It's more like a modern day Carry on," says James Doherty, who plays Brian, the camp resort manager with the task of keeping the reps in line. "It's sexy and it's saucy but it's not gratuitous. It'll make people laugh."


Louise, 25, plays a buxom Geordie who comes to Ibiza to excape her violent husband.

Have we seen her before?

Yes, in Close and True, Grafters, Byker Grove plus The Big Breakfast and The Fast Show.

Sauciest storyline?

Jumping naked out of a bus. "It was my very first scene," she says.

Any embarrassing real-life moments?

"The girls and I have pulling competitions at home in Newcastle. I hoped to meet a nice señor during filming, but haven't had any luck yet.

The Scottish Sun

Sky stunner Louise Frankilin has helped turn Sunday into raunchy TV night of the week.

Gorgeous Geordie Louise, 26, is one of a trio of babes who have made Sky One's Is Harry On The Boat? such a hit with their own brand of sun, sea, sex and sand.

But now back in Newcastle, after spending six months filming in Aluñécar in Spain, Louise can only re-live her wild times abroad by listening to classic dance chill out tunes in her VW Polo.

Louise said: "I enjoyed working on Is Harry On The Boat? - we had a great time in great weather.

"But now I'm back in the UK and organising my next project - and I've got my heart set on getting a Mercedes SLK. That's my incentive."

I caught up with the lovely brunette, who plays Donna in the Sky One show, to find out what other motors float her boat.

SUN MOTORS: What is your current car?

LOUISE: I have a midnight blue Volkswagen Polo 1.4CL - it's a limited edition.

SM: How many driving tests did you take?

LOUISE: I passed first time and it was pure skill of course! To be honest, I passed with flying colours, I didn't make one mistake and I was only 17.

SM: Volkswagon Beetle or BMW Mini?

LOUISE: Definately the new Mini, I love the new shape and style.

SM: What kind of music do you listen to in the car?

LOUISE: I have my classic chill out album in the Polo right now but I also like listening to Radio One.

SM: Have you had any weird or embarrassing driving experiences?

LOUISE: When I had left university after doing my drama degree I was totally skint and had to drive my dad's second hand car which was an old white Volvo. That was really embarrassing. I'm not a snob but it just didn't suit mw, we used to take the dogs out in it and it stank. We called it the "s***mobile"!

SM: Have you ever got intimate in a car?

LOUISE: No I haven't, I'm a lady.

SM: Do you prefer men with flash cars or just an old banger?

LOUISE: Somewhere in between. I don't really go for greasy mechanics who drive old bangers but then I can't stand blokes who drive big red flashy Ferraris - they are clearly lacking in something.

SM: Which person are you most jealous of because of the car they drive?

LOUISE: There's a guy down my street who drives a gold Mercedes SLK - I want that car!

SM: What was the most nerve-wracking, your driving test or first time on live TV?

LOUISE: I wasn't nervous about my driving test. I was young and thought I was invincible. But I was really scared on my first TV job - I was a presenter and it was live.

SM: What is your dream car?

LOUISE: The Mercedes SLK, that's my dream. They are elegant and classic but modern and look fantastic, not flashy. I also like the new Minis, the Cooper S is very cute.

SM: If you were a car, what would you be?

LOUISE: I adore Merecedes. So I'd be a sporty Merc, not too in your face. I think I'm a classy chick. There's not many of us about!

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